The Espree® Prepaid MasterCard® allows you to have all or part of your payroll, benefits, commission or other income directly deposited onto your card. The best part about it - you don't need a bank account!
The Espree Prepaid MasterCard gives you the freedom of never having to stand in line to get your checks cashed or pay high check cashing fees. The direct deposit feature is a benefit provided at no cost to you saving you time and money.

With a portfolio of prepaid card programs and processing solutions designed to meet the needs of both consumers and enterprises, FirstView is reshaping payments.

FirstView Financial — Prepaid Card Innovation

FirstView provides program management and processing services supporting a diverse array of prepaid card solutions. With decades of management experience, FirstView excels at innovation in the high-growth prepaid card arena. FirstView has implemented successful programs covering the full spectrum of prepaid card applications, including:
Financial institutions seeking solutions tailored specifically to the needs of underbanked consumers;
Direct-to-consumer prepaid card marketing firms desiring a complete program management and processing solution;

Retailers seeking to diversify their product offerings and increase store traffic;
Employers desiring a completely “green” solution to fund payroll or benefits;
Governmental agencies replacing expensive paper vouchers with electronic funding of recurring benefits;
Businesses seeking to energize their rewards and incentive programs with creative electronic payment solutions;
Law firms requiring a legally-compliant electronic payment solution for large scale class actions and individual payments exceeding the funding limits of traditional debit card programs;
Insurance companies and payments administrators seeking streamlined payment funding solutions.

The Espree Card will not ask you for a credit check, will provide you with a free direct deposit and will give you online access. What are you waiting for?